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“Serving Society with Superior Quality”

Bridgestone Corporation was founded in 1931 by Shojiro Ishibashi to manufacture tyres in Japan. In 1938 Bridgestone began to apply its knowledge of rubber technology to diversified (non-tyre) products including rubber and chemical products. Bridgestone is the world’s largest rubber manufacturing company, operating in over 150 countries and with over 170 manufacturing facilities worldwide. Diversified products account for approximately 15% of annual sales.

One of the cornerstone diversified products is marine fender. Bridgestone is proud of its supply history and reputation within the industry. All marine fenders from Bridgestone are scientifically evaluated and are subject to rigorous in-house quality control. Bridgestone designs its marine fender in accordance with internationally recognized standards and guidelines including PIANC 2002, and has complete technical back-up services available.

Marine fender has been an indispensable product at various port facilities throughout the world. The demand for good and reliable quality fender systems is ever increasing. For more than 60 years, Bridgestone has played an important role in providing high quality marine fender systems to ports worldwide. With its state-of-the-art facilities and continuous investment in research and development work, Bridgestone diligently innovates and searches for the best fendering solution. From cylindrical fenders to its advanced cell series fenders, Bridgestone prides itself for being able to bring genuine value-added technology to its clients.

Serving Society with Superior Quality
Serving Society with Superior Quality


The advance of the marine industry towards bigger and more efficient vessels has in turn led to the need for more advanced fendering solutions. Bridgestone has continuously taken up the challenge in developing more advanced fendering solutions while adhering to our core mission of serving society with superior quality.


Quality Control

Bridgestone marine fenders are well known for their quality. Having various world-class testing facilities and stringent testing procedures, Bridgestone marine fenders give you peace of mind wherever vessels berth.

High durability and excellent quality are the special characteristics of Bridgestone marine fenders. This is well supported by impressive results of durability testing on Super Cell (SUC) and Hyper Cell (HC) fenders.

Bridgestone marine fenders are made from rubber of premium quality at ISO9001certified manufacturing plants fully owned and operated by Bridgestone.

Being a market leader in fendering solutions, Bridgestone has over 60 years of proven installation records and has become the brand of choice.

Proof of Quality

The Oil and Gas industry demands marine equipment of highest grade. To ensure reliability of marine products, Shell has adopted the Technical Accepted Manufacturers and Products (TAMAP) list which covers manufacturers of marine equipment all around the world.

In 2010, Bridgestone was invited for evaluation of its marine fenders. This evaluation was an important element for operation of Shell. The assessments were carried out on the basis of:

  1. Product quality assurance
  2. Engineering and R&D features
  3. Manufacturing and quality controls
  4. Warranty and after sales services.

Bridgestone marine fenders have been awarded with 2 STAR (highest grade) by Shell in the Technical Accepted Manufacturers and Products (TAMAP). This further substantiated the fact that Bridgestone is the manufacturer of top quality products.

Proof of Quality