1945   Conveyor belt production starts

1962   First supply to overseas market
1964   Steel cord conveyor belt production starts
1968   Introduction of CTC system of ST belt production
1982   Development of Pipe Conveyor Belt
1984   Development of TLS steel cord
1988   Acquires Firestone-Bilbao conveyor belt plant
1989   Apply 2 step method to ST5000 using FEM
1995   Engineering center GEC in Malaysia starts operation
1996   Supply longest single flight conveyor in the world
1997   Development of “HELLO THEORY”
1997   Development of the world strongest belt ST8000
1999   Development of A2000
2000   Renewal of Technical Center for Chemical & Industrial Products
2001   Development of “HYBRID” belt
2001   1st supply of energy saving belt “Super Low Loss”
2007   Renewal of Research & Development center for Chemical & Industrial Products
2010   Introduction of latest steel cord belt production plant


Our Mission

1. Maximization of Production

Bridgestone’s commitment to customer is “Maximization of Production”.
We continue to search for ways to…

  • Maximize conveyor belt operating life
  • Reduce operational cost
  • Buildup monitoring and security system to minimize down time loss
  • Provide technical support with professional service & know-how
2. Minimization of Total Cost of Ownership
Ratio - CAPEX / OPEX in TCO

Via Bridgestone’s 50 years of experience of servicing conveyor belt users globally, we have established that the CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) relating to the purchase and installation of conveyor belts, accounts for only an insignificant percentage of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) related to the overall operating cost on most conveyors.
Bridgestone recognizes it as our business target to realize to minimization of customers’ TCO rather than that of CAPEX through Bridgestone products and activities.
All the Bridgestone conveyor belt products and activities have been developed and provided on the basis of this “TCO reduction” concept.


“Made in Japan” Products

100% of Bridgestone’s Conveyor Belt is produced at the Yokohama Plant Technical center (constructed in 2000) and R&D Center (constructed in 2007) are located in same place here in order to pursue the consistent quality of Conveyor Belts.
Our policy is to deliver world’s best conveyor belts with “Made in Japan” quality to our customers.
In order to comply with the active demand of the mining industry, recently a modern new Steel Cord production plant was added to the existing Yokohama facility.