Motorized Pulley 320L, 320M & 320H

Motorized Pulley diameter 320 mm – Length min. RL 400 mm and power between 0.75 and 11.0 kW. Meant for applications with regular operating conditions like portable conveyors and cross-belt & take-away conveyors in mobile crushing & screening.

To match your requirements in diameter 320 mm, our product range offers three different loading performances for your BULK applications:

  • L for Light-duty
  • M for Medium-duty
  • H for Heavy-duty

You have a choice.
Therefore, it is important to notice the differences to choose the right type of Pulley for the right application based on estimated belt tension (radial load) = T1+T2. The actual radial load MUST be LESS than the max. allowable radial load shown in this catalogue.
Be aware of increased belt tensions using multi-ply thick heavy belts and/or larger belt widths.
If you do not find the belt tension needed in this diameter, you might have to choose a larger one.

L for Light-duty
320L is meant for applications with regular and constant operating conditions. Max. allowable radial load has to be respected; therefore it is advisable to rubber lag these Pulleys to increase grip and to limit belt tension.

320L should NOT be used for e.g. feeder conveyors. (Motor/gearbox origin from 220M).

M for Medium-duty
The internal parts of 320M are designed for TOUGH and IRREGULAR working conditions – e.g. in crusher & screening applications, asphalt, cement and concrete plants etc.

H for Heavy-duty
Due to a solid 3-stage gearbox, Ø 50 mm shafts, matching bearings etc, 320H provides the necessary forces needed for low speeds combined with high power, and is designed to handle irregular loadings in BRUTAL conditions.