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Cone Crusher - 10 Points improve the efficiency of machines
02:01 14-02-2012 - Lượt xem: 1768
1. Decide what key points you want to maximize the performance of the mill for travelers: about product quality, shape, minimize consumption of mites difficult v .. v ...
2. Identify the material supply curve for the material, and supply capacity.
3. Based on point 1), 2) above ground option that matches the demand.
4. Make sure the mill is always filled to the level recommended by the grinding chamber. It is best to have intermediate hopper is equipped with stepless regulator to mill material.This is the key to achieve high performance cone crushers.
Five. The machine to feed the mind, minimize the effects of stratification in the grinding chamber machine. This point is guaranteed to increase mill capacity of Con, limitations of computer problems and improve life for grinding cheek.
6. Mill Run at maximum current mode by changing the feed rate must not exceed: crushing force of the machine (monitor CSS), and the crushed material in the chamber.
7. Option slot discharge (CSS) based on the product requirements. Consult the manufacturer to mill the necessary adjustments for: eccentric journey, speed to achieve optimal for the CSS requirements.
8. Consult the manufacturer to mill the necessary adjustments on the machine speed to maximize engine power increase crushing capacity, improve product quality.
9. Ensure ready after Con mill to ensure capacity, minimize returned product cone crusher.
10.Lien continuously monitor and measure performance of the machine (slot discharge capacity at each CSS, material supply curve, the curve after the crushing, grinding determination of F80/P80. Change the grinding parameters required to consistently achieve maximum performance grinding mill Con