The misunderstanding of the driver’s tires Vietnam
Many drivers believe that different tire wear can affect the ability to tire, but actual statistics point to the opposite.
In the article on good tire change, newer to the front wheel or rear wheel, the answer that experts recommend is that in terms of terrain, weather like Vietnam, the tire should be better for the rear wheel.However, many readers say that this is not true, because in fact they still change the tire better than before, because the front tire is more stressed such as steering, braking, acceleration will quickly wear out. than. In addition, the more worn the tire, the higher the tire capacity, which if the front tire explosion is more dangerous than the rear tire, so it should be better tires on the front wheels.

Are these tire conventions accurate, why reverse the expert’s advice? Experts give statistics and technical analysis to answer this question.

Because of these forces, the front tires tend to wear faster than the rear tires. However, tire wear is the cause of tire explosion?

According to the Market Severity Index (MSI) market survey conducted by Bridgestone Vietnam in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in 2013, a total of 306 travel tires of some tire manufacturers Can be as follows:

– 41% of tires were damaged by the tires (22%) and tires (19%) were cut.

– 25% of tires wear well (less than 3.5 mm spikes and no damage).

– 2% tire damage due to durability (tire separation, heat).

– 32% of other types of damage (irregular wear, unknown cause …)

As such, it can be seen that the majority of damaged tires are caused by hips and treads caused by external objects (stones, bricks, sharp objects, fast cars on the road, potholes, roadside …). Experts claim that regardless of new or old tires, the resistance to cutting the hips and the eye is almost the same.

New tires (high tread depth) have a large rubber content, the surface of the tire against cutting better than the worn tire (low depth). But tire resistance is determined by the Steel Belt inside. It is advisable to calculate the tire wear resistance of new tires or old tires are almost the same.

Unusual tire explosion is caused by heat and tire separation (2%), so it is important to choose brand tires and high quality tires to reduce abnormal tire explosion. In addition, high-quality tires improve the inner reinforcement layer, and tire tread resistance is also improved.

Finally, if you replace only two new tires, it is best to fit on the rear axle regardless of the front or rear axle or 4×4. Because new tires have better traction than older tires. New tires mounted on the rear axle will reduce the risk of slipping or splashing when operating on wet roads.